14 Qualities of an Excellent Accountant

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What you should look for in an accountant

Whether we like it or not, accountants are a dime a dozen. You can find them anywhere, populating every bank and corporation. They may be specialists in numbers, but at the end, they are probably not people-skills oriented. They have probably zero communications and expression skills, only when it is concerned with numbers can they express themselves. As such, looking for a worthy and reputable accountant is a needle in a haystack.

Is it Possible to Find an Excellent Accountant?

I believe there are 14 characteristics that can help you find an excellent accountant. In using this list, you may very well find the needle in the haystack,  but there are no guarantees that what you find will be any more help than that free tax software you have been using. While nobody can be perfect, this really puts on the pressure for you to find the perfect or close-to perfect accountant in order to handle your money, for either your debt issues, financing advice, and even stock suggestions.

Be on the lookout for the following 14 best characteristics of an accountant:

  1. Trustworthiness – Can you trust your accountant? WHat credentials has he/she got? Has your accountant been considered notable? If you can trust him/her, then you’re in luck.
  2. Analytical Capacity – Your accountant needs to avoid stating the obvious, because even you can spot it. He/She must be analytical enough to see trends and perhaps patterns in your financial record to provide you the best benefit or to guide you towards an individual who provides amiable advice.
  3. Open-mindedness – Your accountant needs to have the enthusiasm that comes with optimism. It can make a huge difference how you view your own finances, whether through fear and pessimism or through positive behaviour and optimism.
  4. Creative - Your accountant needs to be creative, have an ample supply of ideas and strategies to give you the best possible results, or to steer you away from potential fiscal hazards.
  5. Mathematics Capable – If your accountant can’t do math, then fire him/her. Period.
  6. Ability to Work with Diverse People — Your accountant needs to be a team player, needs to be very flexible with people and must accommodate himself to build better client relations.
  7. Competency – Your accountant needs to have the capacity for competence, of people, of you, and your finances and must have the skills to reach the top through his competence.
  8. Orally Expressive — I believe your accountant needs to be able to express himself/herself. Because he/she deals with a lot of people, he/she must be albeit o express himself/herself. An accountant who can never find the words is probably not good, regardless of his/her math skills.
  9. Quality Work — Since you’re probably paying a lot for an accountant, be wise that your accountant puts in as much effort as possible into every task to attain the best possible result.
  10. Professionalism — Your accountant must avoid flirtatious, unprofessional and unexpected behaviour. He/she must act like they are the owner of that company and approach you as a significant investor.
  11. Assertive — He/she must be able to not only speak, but to do, and to reinforce.
  12. Time Management — If he can’t fit you in, or is always late, he’s probably late with his accountant statements as well.
  13. Understanding the Job – The accountant should not approach you as though he/she is all-knowing, that he will be able to consult with others in order to provide you with ample opportunity to make the best of your finances.
  14. Listening Skills – Your accountant needs to be abel to listen to others, mustn’t be too chatty, and to follow your requests to the letter. He must be respectful as well.

Well, that wraps it up. I hope it’s helped! Now go search for a good accountant, and whatever you do, do your best.

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