10 Ways to Save Money

10 Ways to Save Money

It’s pretty easy to save money. I do it all the time. I’ve developed here a thorough list of 10 ways you can use to save on your monthly bills and reduce gratuitous spending. You can do it, it’s not a hard task. Just some discipline, some determination, some mental drive and you will succeed. So let’s start!

1) Sketch a list of what you need at the grocery store, don’t buy anything else: check your fridge, whatever you NEED is what you’re going to buy, nothing else. You don’t want to just randomly spend, you want to spend where you need it the most. Go to Costco and save on bulk consumables and non-perishable canned foods like fruits. You can get huge discounts that way.

2) In my previous post yesterday, I explained how good it could be to save on coupons. They’re pretty much available on your newspaper, or they come in forms of flyers. Some grocery stores reward you like crazy for your persistent shopping, see what rewards they have at your favourite grocery store. You can sometimes find freebie coupons online, print them out and take them to the grocery store.

3) Amazon is your best friend: why? Because they have unbelievable deals! Used material is very cheap and often the condition is incredible. The reason why you save money online is simply that you don’t have to worry about the retail upsell since it all comes from their warehouses. Shopping online is also advantageous because they have deals on their websites all the time, constantly, and there are several outlets that make these deals a reality.

4) Bring a Lunch to work: make a sandwich at home, get your favourite chips and soda from your grocery store and make sure to save anyway possible. Taking a lunch will save you a lot!

5) Eat at home all the time: learn recipes, experiment, and try out your favourite dishes. Make eating at home a fun activity of both learning and pleasure. If you eat at home, you’ll be saving incredibly–no tips, no service, just your own doing and it’s more tasteful, trust me.

6) Don’t impulse shop: you should be on the move as much as possible and avoid spending money where you don’t need it, especially at the mall.

7) Going to a movie? Bring your own snacks: I’m sure you’ve noticed how expensive snacks have become, which means you’re going to save money right? I highly suggest bring your own snacks because there’s probably less salt, haha and homemade popcorn always tastes a lot better =P.

8 ) Replace all your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL): CFL bulbs use eighty percent less power and energy than incandescent bulbs and have similar or even more powerful brightness. Look for the EnergyStar seal on your appliances, they’re money savers.

9) Use pantry stuff for skin and body care: learn about how everyday grocery store fruits and vegetables can benefit your skin, shop around at the grocery store for such ingredients and make your own skin and body care. It’s interesting what you can do when you put yourself to it.

10) Don’t leave any balances on your credit card bills: this is an important aspect of personal finance simply because your high interest rate credit cards will have detrimental consequences. Make sure to keep your payments punctual.

Now that you know what to do, you can go right ahead. Remember, diligence, discipline, and mental drive will take you a long way!