Research Perspectives

Research Perspectives
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Research requires a perspective

  • Functionalist
    • Goal: enhancing the function of the main concern — multibake -> looking at productivity and profit of the company. make adjustments after seeing what the problem is. everything else is a variable (e.g. people). goal = efficiency and productivity
  • Interpretive
    • Focus is messages
    • Understanding culture
    • Outlook: academic — understanding the way organizational behaviours operate…
  • Critical
    • Focus is power
    • Is that power legitimate – Hilary (Multi-Bake) imposing her power on the workers.
    • Leah (girl who resigned) is an informal source of power — she organizes shit and so on – you don’t respect the boss, people don’t work hard. if they share the same goals, the Organization will improve ( e.g. stakeholder theory).
    • Cecil has another form of power
    • Outlook: activist, moralist