Social Sites Every Business and Professional Should Use

Social sites are now becoming the most popular and effective means used by many business and professionals in the promotion of their products and services. This type of marketing strategy makes use of the different social media sites so that they can be updated of the current trend in the market and those things that people are getting interested into. This is an easy way of getting in touch with current customers as well as finding the potential ones. The more that the professionals and the business owners know what the people are looking for, the more that they will strive to address their needs. Here are some of the social sites every business and professional should use.


Considered as one of the most popular social media and can also be considered as one of the most important sites which can be taken advantage of by every business owner and professionals for their services, products and blogs. Recent studies have shown that every user of this site check the account more than five times in just a day which has an average of about one every after 90 minutes. The site has around 900 million of active users and using it could mean a lot of exposure to the business of service being marketed. As you will notice, the site has every kind of business being marketed as well as bloggers of all niches. Regardless of your industry, you sure will have success in engaging your audience using this site.


Twitter is another powerful social site, which can be used by business and professionals. This fun site was introduces around 6 years ago with its unique lingo such as tweet, hash tags and others, and continued to spiral in its popularity. There are millions of users of this, which means million-fold of exposure to the product and services you are offering if you are going to use it. If you can creatively make use of the 140 character text-based for posting messages, you sure can drive traffic to your own site.

Google Plus

Google Plus is the newly introduced social site which is very noticeable for its fast growth. It was able to register millions of active users with its concept mainly revolving on user’s streams. Since this is part of the Google family, the search can be easily integrated making it easier to market blogs, products and services. This social site has a much younger crowd and is great are for marketing industries like finance, tech and luxury items.

YouTube This is an excellent marketing tool for every business and professionals as millions of online users are Youtubing every day for just about anything. This site is a hub for video hosting and users will usually upload videos at no charge in order that it can be shared with the whole community. The users are even given the option to have their channels customized so that it will reflect their personal style or brand and other users are allowed to share, rate, and comment, subscribe or even embed the video. This can be a great way for the business to communicate their message to the consumers in a new and unique way. YouTube usually market a specific service or product in the form of tutorials and commercials which can be viewed and heard by users.


If the products and services you intend to market have tutorials and photos, you can make use of Pinterest. The latter is a social site boasting millions of visits that can drive huge referral traffics to any kind of retailers. This bookmarking site heavily relies on graphics and visual in promoting the URL being bookmarked. This is great site for marketing beauty products, fashion, food and travel.

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